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1 More Round Entertainment was established to bring the creators, Mario Colao and RJ Reyes’ storytelling to life with comic books, podcasts and digital media. We set out to show fans of movies and comic books that with the right amount of creativity, energy and effort anyone can achieve their goals and make something that lasts forever. All it takes is a start and some



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Evolusion is our love letter to 90’s action/horror movies. It takes place 20 years after the final world war destroyed most of humanity. Now, the remaining population struggles to rebuild civilization. But, the path is not easy… Due to the fallout of nuclear and biological warfare, the world has been given something far worse to contend with than it has ever known. Nightmarish creatures and super-powered beings have evolved as the dominant species on the planet. As humans fight to regain control of the future, hope lies within the truth of the past. Truly a genre mash-up, Evolusion combines elements of action, horror, science-fiction, drama, and superhero fantasy, creating a deeply-layered world with an ever-evolving storyline that will keep readers coming back for more after each installment.



Thank You Mario

To Mario - We miss you

Rest in Power

June 23rd 1982 - Feb 7th 2022