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1MRCade – Classic Edition

1MRCade – Classic Edition


The classic 1MRCade is a 2 TB Seagate HD flashed into a bootable drive and packed with over 200,000 pics, videos and information for over 20 consoles. Additionally the drive has the space to hold over 20,000 ROMS from ATARI to N64 as well as hundreds of Arcade classics, with room to spare. Simply load up your game rom in the specific ROM folder, update the game list and you have your favorite games from almost any console, all in one place. Using Batocera V37, collectors can utilize save states, graphical and performance settings as well as game specific achievements via the RetroAchievments program. Creating an immerse full and truly unique gaming experience that can be played on almost any laptop or PC setup. 

  • Disclaimer

    Owning ROMs without the physical copy of games is illegal. Any/all ROMs included in this device is for testing and capacity confirmation only. By purchasing this device, you agree as the buyer to remove any ROMs which you do not own after testing it complete. Enjoy!

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