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Peladn H Series

Peladn H Series


Taking our title for the best gaming Mini PC is the Peladn H series 4. 

Not only can this machine handle every retro game in our catalogue, including PS3, Xbox 360 and Switch but can actually upscale most retro video games graphics beyond the original specs. So you can play Final Fantasy 7 at 1080P or Shadow of the Colossus in 4K! This machine has the power to not only play every emulated title there is but so games and consoles that are on the horizon. 

As with the SER5, this PC is more than capable of handling most any task for personal or small business needs. But this powerhouse can also handle most steam games too.  It’s a true powerhouse wrapped in an all steel case and adjustable led modes the Peladn H series 4 is the optimal device to take your home arcade to he next level. 

  • Disclaimer

    This PC does not come with a controller or Keyboard. We have some great options in the PC section of our site 

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