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1MRCade – PS MAX Edition

1MRCade – PS MAX Edition


Is the PlayStation your favorite series console? Then we really have something for you! The 1MRCade PS Max edition is a 4TB Seagate hard drive with the capacity to hold almost every game released by the PS, PS2, PSP and PS3 that is currently emulate-able. If you have a current gaming setup or just a high-performance PC, the PS Max is a great option to create a comprehensive PlayStation collection, complete with pre-scraped data. To top it all off, this emulation station has room to grow. As more and more PS3 games become configured for emulation and the ability to emulate PS4 being right around the corner, the PS Max is a great option that will get better and better in the future.

  • Disclaimer

    Owning ROMs without the physical copy of games is illegal. Any/all ROMs included in this device is for testing and capacity confirmation only. By purchasing this device, you agree as the buyer to remove any ROMs which you do not own after testing it complete. Enjoy!

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