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1MRCade – NES MAX Edition

1MRCade – NES MAX Edition


Of course we saved the best for last! For over 40 years Nintendo has been the biggest influence on video gamers the world over. From the NES to the Switch, Nintendo has created some of the most memorable titles and nostalgic consoles ever created and there is no way to appreciate this achievement more than with the NES MAX. With every console and handheld device emulated on one 4TB drive the NES Max has the ability to play every game on every console all in one place. If Nintendo is your go to for retro gaming then transfer your game roms into this device and take your collection to the next level!

  • Disclaimer

    Owning ROMs without the physical copy of games is illegal. Any/all ROMs included in this device is for testing and capacity confirmation only. By purchasing this device, you agree as the buyer to remove any ROMs which you do not own after testing it complete. Enjoy!

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